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Critical business thinking gleaned from the hunting habits of  the African Leopard!

Published by Morgan James of New York, Kivi Bernhard’s book; Leopardology ™ – The Hunt For Profit In A Tough Global Economy, has received international acclaim and is currently being translated into Chinese and Spanish.

Requested from Bangkok to the Bahamas by Fortune 500’s , Kivi Bernhard has been described by leading speaker bureaus as “one of the most gifted and promising business speakers in the world today.” Using the hunting habits and techniques of the African leopard, the most successful feline predator on earth, Kivi Bernhard guides his readers through the captivating pillars of Leopardology ™. You got it! Critical business thinking and strategy gleaned from the hunt of Africa’s most successful predator. No kidding – Leopardology ™ has been incorporated into the MBA programs of leading business schools. The author seamlessly, transitions between the “bush” and the “boardroom” with riveting and intellectually enthralling stories of both. Relocating to the USA in 1997 with $860.22 Kivi built a multimillion dollar international diamond business. The book which reflects this journey, takes you on a virtual safari where Kivi draws metaphors of personal and corporate success that will simply leave you spellbound!

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Praise For The Book.

“…an intriguing guide to business leadership and an exclusive approach that only someone with your background could deliver…”

Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr., CEO, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“…Having heard Kivi speak and having read his book, I remain impressed by the value and creativity he offers the business world. This book is a compelling read replete with rich information that is invaluable to the global economic transition…..”.

Ronald J. Savarese,    Senior VP – Investments UBS

“… This book is unique in a refreshing way, and Bernhard’s intellectual contrast between business success and the hunt of the leopard was riveting!  Read this book and you’ll walk away with some new standards for your personal success strategy…”

Don Hutson,  Co-author of the NY Times #1 Best-Seller, The One Minute Entrepreneur

“…Kivi Bernhard’s authenticity and experiential knowledge instantly spoke to my “leadership-mind”. This book is beyond creative and informative, it captures the essence of Kivi’s story and has the ability to redefine your “Hunt for Profit…”.

John W. Wright, II    Managing Partner – Northwestern Mutual

“… I thought the book was very original. The use of the African wild kept the subject enjoyable and very different from all other business-related books that I own. My advice is to take it off the shelf and buy it…”

Fred Law, VP – Equifax Inc.

“…Your book is one that kept me most interested throughout its entirety. It is brilliant and insightful and will serve readers wth great new knowledge…”

William F. Rubin,  SVP – Swank Inc

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Kivi Bernhard on Facebook

“…You are really good. We are a CEO level crowd and tough to please. Amazing..."

M.Madden – Association of Corporate Directors