Kustomizing Keynotes” – Kivi Bernhard is renowned for his skillful ability to seamlessly customize his keynotes to address the very heart of his client’s core message. Admired by fellow NSA colleagues for what can only be described as a talent, Kivi believes that customizing a keynote is the verbal art of staying true and connected to one’s own message, while simultaneously addressing the exact need of one’s client. It is one of many reasons that Kivi has such a high RBR (re-book rate) with his clients.

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“…excellent, excellent keynote. Such perfect synergy with the messaging and training we give our brokers. Your footage was amazing, but the way you draw lessons and metaphors to the business world was even more amazing. Our people were delighted and excited…thank you!…”

~ Mr A.Carter – Executive Director – UBS Financial

“…tell anyone you want to call me, I will give them nothing less than absolutely extraordinary ratings. I was awe struck and still am…”

~ Mr.Geoffrey Friedman – AFCO Realty

“… awesome, presentation. I found your content so unique and applicable to my work environment. Your keynote was so inspiring and informative, and your footage of the leopard is unbelievable…”

~ Marcello Oliveira – Holiday Inn Group

“…I got up this morning, looked in the mirror and said ‘lady, now you get out there and think like a leopard.’ When I got to the office everyone I met said they had done the same thing…”

~ Nichia Kelleher – Keller Williams Realty

“…two weeks later, I continue to be amazed by both the content and concept of your keynote presentation. People continue to tell me how incredible you were, and many have said to me that they believe you to be the best speaker they have ever heard…”

~ Mr. Gary Lane – Northwestern Mutual Financial

“…what fundamental and critical business thinking and psychology. The way you have packaged the message is nothing short of genius and your ability to present it is amazing. What a treat is was for us…”

Cpt. Elwyn Gassert – Northwest Airlines

“…Kivi, I have sat through many a seminar, presentations and speech in my corporate life. All I can tell you is that, when I got back to my office, I called every colleague I knew that is responsible for team productivity and just said ‘it’s not if, but when – can you get Kivi in front of your people’…”

~ Scott Harrison – VP Private Banking SunTrust Bank

“…people were simply blown away, I mean one member who has been with us 14 years said he believes this is the best presentation he has ever heard in his life, period…”

~ Harvey Smith – CEO Smithcraft Homes

“…Kivi, can we talk about next year’s conference. Your keynote address was just amazing. The buzz is that people really loved ‘The Hunt For Success’..”

~ Mr. C. Sadler – Executive Director – SGMP

“..It was amazing. People have been buzzing about it all week. As you know I was a professional athletic coach and have been training financial advisors for over 15 years. I know what inspiration, motivation and headspace strategy are all about. You really just hit one out of the park today. It was truly fantastic and covered so many core issues in such an unusual way. It is so different from anything else that is out there. I think that’s what really grabbed my people. You did a great job, thank you…”

~ Marc Cohen – FVP – Ameriprise Financial

“…The Hunt for Success’…is perhaps one of the most dynamic and lateral business thinking packages that has come across my desk in a long time. It’s exciting, enthralling and cutting edge business thinking. We are really excited to be doing something together…”

~ Dr. T. Mescon – Dean, K.S.U., Coles School of Business

“…great presentation, people are really buzzing about it. I know I enjoyed it immensely and gained a lot from it. Your idea is so unique and the way you transition back and forth from your own business journey is very interesting…”

~ Mark Hubrich – Georgia MPI

“…Perhaps the most creative and original keynote I have ever heard, period..”

~ Director, Charles Schwab

“…Outstanding, just outstanding. I was glued to Kivi and could not take my head out of the “African bush.” I kept on just thinking of my “hunt” and the thing I could and should be doing to become a better closer. Kivi is an amazing speaker and motivator…”

~ Kurt Olson – HomeBanc Corporation

“…Your presentation received our strongest commendation. I will definitely want to pass you on to our national chapters. It was both exciting and really critical to the fundaments of good business practice and thinking. A really terrific presentation and presenter…”

~ Mr. Jim DeuPree – Director: Intl Center for Executive Options.
“…wow, you touched on some truly current and pressing issues in the work place today. Who would have thought that you could do so with the African leopard and his hunt. Brilliant! I would love to have you speak with our director of marketing. ‘The Hunt For Success’ is just an amazingly innovative and inspiring presentation. Well done and good luck to you…”

~ Mr.Eliot Robinson – Partner: Powell Goldstein LLP

“…over the course of our Monday morning debrief meeting, I did not stop receiving rave reviews from our financial planners. People were just blown away and are just so hungry for more. Your presentation was so pertinent to our industry and the daily journey we all travel of having to service, manage and “hunt” new clients every single day. Thank you so much for being with us. I can honestly tell you that many of our staff said it was really the best presentation they have heard. I will absolutely want to pass you on to head office in Minneapolis…”

~ Jill Jacques – VP Ameriprise Financial

“…You are good, really good. People so enjoyed your presentation. Both the content and the packaging were fabulous. I do not believe in my service as Chair, have we ever had people stay so long and not want to miss a word of a presentation. It was quite amazing and was so well received. Our meeting planner indicated that every single one of your brochures was taken by audience participants…”

~ Mary Madden – National Association of Corporate Directors

“..your keynote at our 2008 kick-off event was incredible. Your message was so relevant for our teams and you did an outstanding job delivering it. Many people have told me how you really impacted them. We look forward to a great year with the motivation and inspiration you have provided…”

~H.Magee – VP, MetLife

“…Even while traveling back to our home state, so many of us were talking of ways that we can implement the Pillars of Positive Predatory Thinking. It is such fascinating material and has really created a take-home excitement for people. Your keynote was voted pick of the conference by many…”

~ Kathy Mickle-Askin –President: IACTP.

“ blew us away. Wow, what a sales conference that was! That’s all I heard from people. Huge response from your platform and thumbs up all the way. Congratulations…”

~ VP of meetings, Genie Industries

“..The reaction to your keynote has been very positive, in fact it was a HUGE success. Thank you so much for your research and customization of Gerdau Ameristeel and its history. I intend to forward your website and information to my fellow HR managers along with a very strong recommendation..”.

~ VP, HR – Ameristeel

“…we were so fortunate to have Kivi speak at our event. It was amazing. He was amazing. His material is so brilliant and relevant to our day to day lives and workplace. He takes you right into the African bush with that beautiful leopard; you feel like you are right there. It’s such an opportunity to experience his presentation and the information that it gives you. It’s all I am thinking about today…”

~ Reba Jones CPS –  Equifax

“…The Hunt For Success’ was excellent. Kivi is an incredible educator and motivator. The lessons from the Leopard are just so applicable to the current market and our lives today. You walk away feeling like you have been on safari in Africa on an inspirational retreat…”

Libby Lindahl – member: Atlanta Board of Realtors.

“…wow did I luck out to be the one to introduce this session. It was fantastic, I mean just fantastic. I could see the audience responding to your content and passion…really fantastic.”

~Lisa Van Fossen – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

“…Kivi was our speaker at an IAAP event we had at the Sheraton Hotel. He was incredible. Our members were blown away by his presentation. People have not stopped talking about it and asking me where and how they can get hold of him. The way he transitions back and forth from the magnificent leopard’s hunt for food and our hunt for effectiveness is nothing short of amazing!…Kivi was fabulous…”

~Janet Bivens – International Association of Administrative  Professionals.

“…amazing keynote at our closing general session. People have already come over to me to tell me it was the highlight of their conference…”

~ Yolanda Kennison, CMP – APPA

“…students commented that your presentation was perhaps the best of the series and that they would love to have you back…”

~ Dr. Dean Tucker – Oglethorpe University

“…our members as you know are high level COE’s and business owners and are not in general an easy crowd to please. Your presentation was just phenomenal. Many commented not only on the value of your content but on your delivery skills as well…”

~ Mr. Tom Cramer – The Brain Trust

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