Kivi Bernhard and Leopardology™ have been making their way to the Asian and Australasia market place with more and more frequency. Demand for the innovative and cutting edge business thinking of Leopardology™ has really begun to resonate with major global corporations with strong Asian market positions.

When asked in a recent BBC interview Kivi Bernhard offered that perhaps the keen “brand presence” and “market share focus” of the African leopard is what is resonating with the meeting planners and training developers that are reaching out to Kivi for him to present in Asia. “In general” explained Kivi Bernhard “the Asian mind set has a much more strategic and result-centric propensity than counterparts in the west. This combined with their huge appetite and interest  for Africa and it’s wildlife present me with a strong opportunity for keynote and seminar platforms in the region. I am working with more and more speaker bureaus in the Asian, Australian and European markets.   Kivi wen on to share that it also has really lifted the interest of planners here in the USA that are looking for global speakers. He added that speaking overseas continues to give him “global perspective and insights that I then bring back to US based sales, leadership and management teams, which they are thirsty to receive.”

YPO.Hong Kong3 300x200 China! Forget the dragon...more like a leopard!

Posting by JB, office manager at Kivi Bernhard International

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“…Kivi, you are simply in a class of your own..."

S.Harrison - VP Private Banking SunTrust Bank