As tough as business is and as aware as we are (the intellectually honest amongst us) that it is likely to remain so for the next while, there is truly something huge to be thankful for this year! Let’s be extremely thankful this thanksgiving that we get to navigate this recession while living in America. “Huh…Kivi” you just said, but follow me here. Try losing a corporate job and starting your own business in Moscow or China or Saudi Arabia or Angola or Madagascar or France or Taiwan or Mexico!! Get my point: This is America people, where as bad as things are one can still walk into an Office Depot and buy a fax machine for $39.00 to start a home business. This is America where one does not have to contend with mafia, cartels, gulags, blatant municipal corruption as a given. This is America where a free market economy still reigns supreme and is constitutionally protected. Say what you want but America is still the entrepreneur’s best hope for success, where the barriers- to- entry is the lowest in the world. Give thanks!

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“..What fundamental and critical business thinking.What a treat is was for us..”

Cpt.Elwyn Gassert - Northwest Airlines