Lprd in Zoo.1

This extraordinary and unnatuaral scene was captured by photography student Casey Gutteridge at the Santago Rare Leopard Project and zoo, in Hertfordshire, England. Seemingly unaware of the African leopard towering over it, the tiny rodent grabbed at scraps of meat thrown into the leopard’s enclosure. But instead of “closing“ the “client“, the 12-year-old leopard Sheena kept her distance. After a few minutes she tried to nudge the mouse away with her nose, but the determined little guy kept chewing away until he was full.  

Lprd in Zoo.2Now here is the key lesson of Leopardology™  that this event from a “zoo” offers. Sometime’s we are so “confined” by our self -made enclosures and the “zoo” of commerce that surrounds us, that we forget that we even have the capacity to “hunt”. Let alone do so successfully. We become convinced of our ineptness and begin to believe what the market tells us about our inability and lack of eligibility to be a “closer”.

Here is the thing: Do not believe it and do not forget who and what you are! Remember your tooling, equipment and apparatus. The original “hunting” equipment G-d gave you: First of all – remember it. Then identify it and trust it! It works and it is what is responsible for your ability to “close” clients and “hunt”. Know that you have been designed for success and that you have all the “hunting” equipment you will ever need. Now go use it!

Lets “speak” soon!


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"...such perfect synergy with the messaging we give our brokers..."

A.Carter - Director UBS Financial