Dear friends. Today’s news shares the arrest of 080114 099 214x300 Orthodox Rabbi’s arrested.. Corrupt politicians..African leopard: Let’s connect the dots! several politicians, city officials and orthodox Rabbi’s charged with alleged money laundering and massive corruption. While people know that I am not a politician, meeting planners, speaker bureaus, corporate management and leadership teams, as well as tens of thousands of meeting participants around the world, definitely do know that I am an orthodox Jew.

I am not rushing to judgment or to condemn people that have not yet had their day in court. I am however, rushing to state, that unethical and dishonest dealings, in relationship, business or life are categorically and unequivocally not in keeping with Jewish thought and philosophy. It is simply antithetical to everything the Jew is meant to stand for and moves against what Judaism believes G-d intended for all mankind. Bernie Madoff’s behavior was not “ok” and nor is this. (Assuming the charges to be accurate.)

People err and fall into depraved and disgraced behavior, because they are human. I get that! But in no way what so ever does that excuse the conduct and resulting consequence of the law. In fact, it is often the consequence of their behavior and its harsh and unpleasant realities that are responsible for rehabilitating these same people, generating real change and development within them.

And so friends, I share with you the following Leopardology ™:

Leopard are groomers extraordinaire and will spend a disproportionate amount of time meticulously grooming themselves in a way that lion, cheetah and other large cats do not. It seems that with Leopard, there is something much larger taking place throughout this entire grooming process. They are taking inventory and re-acquainting themselves with themselves. They are literally revisiting their exact equipment and tooling, studying it and banking it to memory.  As they pass that powerful serrated tongue through their coat, they will actually take a mental note of their current body condition, toning and viability. Everything gets a “licking”: old injuries, new injuries, wounds that have healed and those that have not; paws, claws, teeth, ears, eyes, nose and toes — a total quality control and “market” readiness assessment. As they move through the grooming ritual, they will roll over, stand up, lie down and stand back up again, moving towards a tree trunk for some back scratching and tick removing. All of this allows for a complete performance evaluation and inventory “take” as to exactly what assets it can fully depend on while on the next hunt. It is an ingenious methodology that allows the Leopard to not only assess performance, but to reinforce and, once again, ingrain this acute sense of self and trust that Leopard have for their very own tooling and apparatus. Before they leave “home” for a “market place” hunt, leopard are absolutely sure about one thing: They will be in the “market” with ALL they are! Nothing and no component of their being has been left at “home”, because inventory was taken of their entire being way before they went on the “hunt”.

What about you and me? Are we going to work, to our businesses, to our relationships, with ALL that we are? All that we truly believe in? All that we know to be true? Have we taken total inventory of who and what we are as the human beings we profess to be?

And so, I ask you friends: When was the last time you really gave yourself a thorough “licking”, a total and absolute run down of your tooling, your apparatus, your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams and your essence as a human being? Have you identified who and what you are and have you taken it with you on your “hunt” for success?

Lets “speak” soon!

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“…Kivi, you are simply in a class of your own..."

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