Forget about Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina, what about you? Is your “Governor” having an affair?

Hold up! Before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify the question. What is it that “governs” you, your organization, your business, your you? What is the nucleus dynamic that is responsible for the energy, creativity and productivity of who “you” are?

So now friends and in this context, I ask you: Is your “Governor” having an affair? Meaning: – is the essence of who and what you are being pulled and lured in by “foreign” attractions that have no relevance and in fact are detrimental to your existing “organization”? 

How often and how easily, (particularly in a tough economy), we allow our core “Governor’s” to be tempted by all sorts of other things and promises. But on closer inspection if we really paid attention, we would quickly and clearly come to see that stepping away from our very own tooling and core “governance” can in fact be detrimental to our success.

Leopard are renowned for their ability to take total and absolute inventory of their tooling, apparatus and equipment and use it. As a pillar of Leopardology™ it is this visceral commitment to identifying and using the core “governance” they were given and taking it to the “market place”, that makes them such successful “closers”.

Is your you having an affair with something else?

Lets “speak” soon!

Kivi Bernhard

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“…Kivi, you are simply in a class of your own..."

S.Harrison - VP Private Banking SunTrust Bank